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Top 5 Questions About Intercept Technology Packaging

Intercept Technology fits any packaging situation

Here are some of the questions we have received and answered most recently:

The Martian - Part II - Adventure on the Rust Planet

The Rust Planet - Mars

The movie, in 3D, was visually stunning  and the extra dimension added layers to the CGI of Mars. I was so immersed that I only noticed the 3D at certain heightened moments, one in particular when snow was falling in front of onlookers on earth. I was fully engrossed.  

Galvanic Corrosion: It's In Your Electronics

Corrosion on metals

Galvanic corrosion is a type of corrosion which occurs when two different metals are in contact with each other and an electrolyte.  Different metals will have different electric potentials when connected in this way.  This difference creates an electric current through the electrolyte.  In fact, the action of galvanic corrosion is the principle with which batteries are made.  Of course this is also the reason batteries have a shelf life.  The action of this circuit degrades whichever metal has a lower electric potential.  This is described as being less noble, whereas the metal with the higher potential is more noble. The degradation of the less noble metal eventually gets to the point that the circuit is broken by the oxides and salts created by the corrosion.  This is the reason not only for a battery’s eventual death, but also for the way it dies, slowly losing electric potential because the anode (lower potential metal or connection) is slowly destroyed by the action of galvanic corrosion.

Adventure on the Rust Planet: The Martian

Mars Rust Planet The Martian

I'm very excited about the movie The Martian. Clearly I am not alone; after its opening day it received high audience ratings and near-to-box-office-record receipts. Although that may be because of the self-selected group anticipating to see it on opening day, let me give you a few reasons why you should be excited too.

Electronics Corrosion

Intercept Packaging can prevent corrosion in electronics

To be clear, the difference between electronics and other electrical systems is that electronics include active components to control the flow of electricity, whereas non-electronic electrical systems use mechanical switches or relays.  The development of the vacuum tube (the first active component invented) allowed for the creation of far more complex systems than was possible with prior technology.  Then solid-state transistors allowed electronics to shrink to sizes unthinkable before. Certainly at this point it is trivial to say that electronics are ubiquitous in society today and will only continue to become more so in the coming years, all the way up to the singularity, at which point we will become our own technology.  As electronics have developed through the years, they have been given increasingly more important tasks.  From air traffic control to car computers to medical equipment to missile defense, systems which include electronics control and protect our lives everyday.  Thus it is essential that we know how to maintain them, for which we must also know how they degrade.

Aluminum Does Rust, Just Not the Way You're Thinking

Aluminum bodied Austin A40 Roadster circa 1951.  Image care of Charles01 via Wikipedia

To begin, it must be said that while the term "rust" is defined as iron oxide and therefore rusting is something that can only happen to iron and iron alloys, asking whether or not aluminum "rusts" gets to an important question. Really the question is about corrosion but because aluminum is an element and not an alloy of iron, the question is more properly posed as "Does aluminum corrode?"  Let's find out.

Chlorine, Pitting Corrosion and Intercept

chlorine in elemental form as a green gas

Chlorine is one of the most common elements found on Earth's crust.  The name comes from the Greek word for light green, which is how the gas appears in elemental form.  It has 17 protons and two stable isotopes giving it a standard atomic weight of 35.45, which makes chlorine the second lightest halogen.  It also has the highest electron affinity of any element making it a very strong oxidizer.  This means that chlorine will readily steal electrons from other elements.  In fact the vast majority of chlorine found on Earth is in the form of the chloride anion (a chlorine atom which has already stolen an extra electron), which will form ionic compounds with many cations (like metals).  It is in this form that humans are most familiar with chlorine, as in ionic compound sodium chloride, which we know of as table salt.  The chloride ion is important to many chemical and industrial processes including the making of usable chlorine and sodium hydroxide, and desalination and testing of potable water.

Boston Time Capsule Contents Exhibit - MFA

Sam Adams silver plate Reuters photo

We continue our coverage of the Boston Time Capsule with updates from our recent visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, exhibit showing what was discovered inside the second Capsule recovered. The interest in this Time Capsule has been highly documented by many world news organizations because two well-known American patriots, Paul Revere and Sam Adams, were involved.

Liberty Packaging at EASTEC 2015 - Get your free pass!

Eastec 2013 resized 600Liberty Packaging is pleased to announce we’ll once again participate as an exhibitor at EASTEC, New England’s premier manufacturing expo, May 12-14, 2015, at the site of the Big E in Springfield, MA.

We’ll join almost 500 other exhibitors in an effort to connect you with resources that can solve your company’s most pressing problems, improve productivity and increase profits. We’ll be presenting the advantages of our favorite packaging material, the Bell-Labs invention, Intercept Technology Packaging, and we’ll talk about Liberty Shrink Film, too. You’re invited to visit us at Booth 3227 to chat about any challenges you may have that could be solved by a premeir packaging material like Intercept - you'd be surprised! Intercept Technology Packaging: optimal, versatile, safe.

Offering complimentary conference sessions, industry keynotes, and much more, EASTEC is an event dedicated to keeping United States manufacturers competitive. It’s where manufacturing ideas, processes and products are discussed. EASTEC brings human ingenuity and manufacturing brilliance together. Make sure it’s part of your strategy and reserve the dates on your calendar! Click here for a free pass to EASTEC.

Intercept Packaging Protects Against Cad Bloom

Cad bloom showing on tube joints. Cadmium bloom

Cadmium, a naturally-occurring element, is one of several metallic coating materials which are electrochemically active and, therefore, used as sacrificial coatings to prevent corrosion. Typically they are applied to iron, steel, zinc, aluminum, and titanium alloys, as well.

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