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Corrosion or Rust? Expert John Murphy To the Rescue

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When a man spends his entire career searching for the best ways to safely control quality in the industrial workplace, he earns the wisdom to be called an expert. John Murphy, Liberty Packaging’s Director of New Business, is a veritable fountain of knowledge regarding detergents, solvents, packaging materials, corrosion, quality in manufacturing and related topics.

Storage and Preservation for Coins: It Matters

Coin Armour Intercept Packaging

From guest poster, Chris Iannucci: When I first began collecting coins and other collectibles about 10 years ago, I never gave much thought to proper storage and preservation. I just bought what I liked, and kept most items in a display case so I could view them from time to time or share them with friends or family. This gave me much enjoyment over the years.  

Intercept Packaging Reviewed by Leading Archivist

Pollutants in the Museum Environment Pam Hatchfield

Art Conservators are conservative.  Not necessarily in the political sense, but most certainly in their approach to their work. As well as they should be. Conservation-restoration is a profession devoted to the preservation of cultural heritage for the future. Words can be biased; objects and art may tell a more revealing story of a past society. The role of the conservator involves the examination, conservation, and preservation of cultural objects using any methods that prove effective in keeping that property in as close to its original condition as possible for as long as possible. Minimal intervention is a guideline a conservator must follow.

The Packaging of Punxsutawney Phil

Intercept Packaging Neutralizes Corrosion

This year the ground hog, Punxsutawney Phil, Seer of Seers, Sage of Sages, Prognosticator of Prognosticators and Weather Prophet Extraordinary (his actual full name, I am a sucker for formality) pronounced loud and clear, “Get ready for an early spring!” I was happy to hear this. The sportsman in me is begging to get outdoors after several months of being relegated to four walls of my apartment, with the occasional reprieve to the gym or the ski slopes. I am sure I am not the only one.

Packaging Your Coins - Announcing Coin Armour

Liberty Packaging Co. is proud to announce that Coin Armour is now distributing Corrosion Intercept® bags for the protection of coins, paper money, documents, and comic books.  Coin Amour has a consumer/dealer friendly web site in which to navigate and purchase products. The Coin Amour company is owned and operated by Chris Iannucci, a coin and comic book collector/dealer whose expertise in the field of numismatics was instrumental in the development of the Corrosion Intercept bag line for the preservation of collectibles that you'll find on the Coin Armour site. 

Packaging the IEEE - an Association for Excellence in Electronics

Reliability Engineers Work Together

“We solve product reliability issues with our Intercept Technology barrier packaging” is one of my elevator speeches. Because of this association with and passion for reliability issues, Liberty Packaging is a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and the Reliability Society, a technical Society within the IEEE, the world’s leading association for the advancement of technology. The New York City headquartered IEEE is dedicated to the advancement of technical innovation and excellence. It boasts over 400,000 members in more than 140 counties.  The Reliability Society has 24 chapters and members in 60 countries worldwide. The Boston/New Hampshire/Rhode Island IEEE chapter whose meetings I attend, is recognized as one of the top three most active chapters worldwide every year. That recognition is a credit to its dedicated volunteer officers.

Of course, with attending organizational meetings, comes potential networking benefits, but more important to me is the wealth of information shared at these meetings.  The monthly topics presented by leading experts are fascinating and enlightening.  During the December 2012 meeting, Ted Dangelmayer of Dangelmayer Associates and author of two renowned books on establishing a successful ESD management program, presented on the problems of electrostatic discharge to electronic devices. The reliability group members are typically engineers, so the presentations can be quite complex, such as one coming up in February having to do with Photonic Magnetometry to be presented by Chris Sataline from Lincoln Labs MIT, in Lexington MA.  Keith Donaldson, Director of the Intercept Technology Group, and I presented a few years ago on the topic How Carbon Footprint, Green Initiatives, and Reliability Can Work Together or Against Each Other”  Our presentation was based on a Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent, environmental impact study for manufacturers.  In fact, that white paper is available by request through the Liberty Packaging web site.

Liberty Packaging has been and still is involved with a few other professional groups such as SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers), NDIA (National Defense Industrial Association), ESDA (Electrostatic Discharge Association) and the afore-mentioned IEEE.  For folks looking to furthering their careers and their knowledge, I highly recommend attending and perhaps being involved in a technical association.

Click here for your copy of the Bell Labs Environmental Impact Study

Intercept Storage Protection – Fabric

Fabric Tent Cover

To continue my series of household applications using Intercept to protect my personal belongings from rust/corrosion, mold and mildew, I present to you my backyard “Tent of Meeting”.  Liberty Packaging sells Intercept packaging to numerous companies in the United States for the protection of their industrial goods.  Intercept has allowed many manufacturers to ship and store products safely anywhere in the world.  Due to my experimentation and success with home use of Intercept for unusual applications, I daresay I’ll soon be Intercept’s best proponent.

Intercept Technology™ Reaches for Hammer and Nails

Intercept Technology Volunteers at ARhonA Sanctuary

Some of our Intercept Technology colleagues recently participated in the construction of a new stable for the expansion of the Hohenroda-Mansbach Arhöna, which is a sanctuary for rescued horses in Germany.

The Trouble with Corrosion

Circuit Card with Corrosion resized 600

Recent unseasonably warm weather in our area suggests there may be a bad corrosion season ahead of us. Corrosive gases are more active in warmer and more humid weather. To help you prepare, we offer:

Our short video: Do You Know What You're Spending on Corrosion?" The Intercept Technology heavy duty barrier packaging is simple, effective and easy to use in comparison with other old-fashioned barrier products. This video will tell you how.

Liberty's V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Joe Spitz, provides "6 Steps to Creating a Rust Inhibition Program" for your facility, including his "don't wait for the other shoe to drop" theory.

And this NACE International Video produced for The PBS Series "Spotlight On...." illustrates in horrifying detail why you should care about corrosion. "Spotlight On Corrosion"

Packaging Uncontained Enthusiasm

Static Intercept Neutralizes Corrosion

Today's guest post was contributed by Albert Greenhut of EMI. We happily welcome his input - Albert's photo and bio appear below the article.

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